Власне Місто вхідна група
Дерева, природа

About Vlasne Misto

We are pleased to present the Project first and unique in Ukraine for an autonomous city with a population of 32,000 people and an area of 450 hectares.

Vlasne Misto has a unique eco-space — it is being built from scratch on a pristine picturesque land with 3 wonderful blue lakes and 750 hectares of forest inside. It is the place where we managed to combine comfortable housing surrounded by nature and create all the conditions for work, business, leisure, development, and recreation. The synergy of all spheres of life was properly and carefully planned for individual development and human happiness.

Власне Місто панорамний вид згори


The ‘Live Where Your Inspiration Lives’ Concept.

Overpopulation of capitals, industry concentrated in megacities and not always regulated pace of urban development are undeniable signs of urbanization that are now common throughout the world. So how do you maintain cozy family holidays, and moments of unity with nature and your inner self at this pace?

Our team has been working for over 6 years on a project of a city to be built on the “human centricity principle”, implemented with environmental technologies, being energy independent, and a brand new, modern infrastructure for living and business targets to be duly met. It is a city that “hears”, inspires, and adapts to the needs of its residents.

We believe that the best way to see and feel its unique atmosphere is totake a short tour.



Hectares of forest for a morning jog


Thousand m2 of tech offices and co-working spaces


Thousand m2 of residential development


Infrastructure facilities


Hectares of recreational areas


Lakes inside the city


The construction site is located 7 km from the capital, at 13 km from the Kyiv public transport network.

The city is near the M-06 Kyiv-Chop Highway, which connects the capital with the western cities of Ukraine and European countries.

The vast territory of the future city is being transformed into an urban unit of the country with the preservation of nature, the historical part, the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, and most importantly, it is remote from industrial development.

Мапа комплексу Власне Місто
Прогулянка набережною комплексу Власне Місто

Safety & Autonomy

Vlasne Misto will be fully protected against any external dangers. Eco-friendly and autonomous water supply and power supply systems, food independence, and state-of-the-art security features are all possible thanks to the latest systems that will be used in the city of the future.

It is expected that the long-lasting and eco-friendly power supply systems, a solar park of up to 30 MW, 30 MW solar panels installed on buildings, a power storage system, and a wind turbine park of up to 20 MW will provide the city with its power.

A centralized water supply, water treatment, and water purification system with a capacity of 10,000 m3 per day with methane synthesis for the city's mini-heating power plants, as well as a utility network of solar systems for water heating.

Water reuse and storage using Biotop Pound & Noises technology is provided for therein (1 million m3/year).

Food products and commodity warehouses within the delivery system and own greenhouse farm will guarantee product autonomy.

Special sensors will collect and analyze information about inhabitants’ ordinary life, which is designed to further improve security, communication, and movement.

Round-the-clock security, access control systems, checkpoints, video surveillance, and security islands within the city will ensure the inhabitants’ physical safety.


Preserving the historical highlight of the Brest-Lithuanian Postal Route, which dates back to the 14th century and is now a modern European Highway M-06 Kyiv-Chop, the transport network provides the city with fast and convenient connections and adjustments to public transport and road traffic make moving around the city even more comfortable.

A modern tram, the most eco-friendly transport free from harmful emissions, runs along the city's main promenade. 82.4 km of bicycle paths will be arranged for bicyclists. The transport network will be complemented by electric taxis, golf carts, and individual electric vehicles.

Urban Space

Conscious urbanization is not only about architecture, it involves a comprehensive approach to urban planning and development that takes into account social, economic, and environmental factors to achieve sustainable urban development and improve the quality of life of city residents.

The city is divided into 4 zones based on functionality and building density. Each location can be reached on foot in 10 minutes or by bicycle or electric scooter in just 2 minutes.

Time is one of the most precious human values. That is why the city is designed so that everything is close thereby. There is always enough time for the most important things!

Урбаністичний простір Власне Місто

Market Square

The central Market Square was designed according to the historical format of urban planning and considering the needs of a modern person.

The 42,500 m2 areaincludes locations that provide an interesting, rich, convenient, and happy life for each of the residents.

The heart of the city is a vertical greenhouse designed to grow organic foods with a roof observation deck. Forthose who like to walk in the fresh air, there is a promenade with ancient cobblestones, dry fountains, green areas, and a spacious urban park.

All of Market Square’s buildings andstructures will be constructed from materials that have a low carbon footprint,are recyclable, and reduce the environmental impact.

8000 m2

Vertical greenhouse with a height of 42 m

7400 m2

Shopping area

7700 m2

Of recreational areas and terraces

15000 m2

Entertainment center

2400 m2

Urban park area

18900 m2

Promenade area with fountains

Вигляд ринкової площі Власне Місто
Житлові будинки Власне Місто

Residential Buildings

A safe space near a protected area inside picturesque nature is the best place to have children and start a dynasty.

You will always come to a cozy home. Because Vlasne Misto offers comfortable and eco-friendly houses of various formats.

If you have a large family and are planning a family nest the best solution is to live in an individual cottage with a patio or swimming pool that is already waiting for you.

If you are planning to live together and are looking for a place for a young family — a small cottage or townhouse will be a great choice. We have many layouts to suit every taste and every need. You like living in an apartment but want country coziness —  the city has low-rise buildings designed with a limited number of apartments. A large apartment with a terrace or a cozy studio apartment for you or your family in an eco-friendly new building. Every wish comes true if you choose to live in Vlasne Misto.

Individual houses PDF

Townhouses (PDF)

Освітній заклад у Власному Місті


Education is the key to a conscioussociety, so Vlasne Misto develops and researches the educational processtogether with the team of the Creative International Children's School (CICS).

We have gathered the best foreffective, interesting, promising learning: barrier-free spaces, focus on theindividual development index, professional teachers, and most importantly, eachinstitution will have its direction in education: it-programming,agrotechnology, biotechnology, energy independence, and ecology, art, music,sports, and others.


8 kindergartens

4 junior schools with kindergartens

6 complete schools

1 HEI /higher education institution/

Проект бізнес-парку Власне Місто

Business Park

Business and work in Vlasne Misto is a time and leisure harmony in acity with its economy.

Do you dream of building a successful business with reliable partners, developing rapidly, realizing your powerful potential, and investing in a happy future?

We are designing a huge 250,000 m2 business park cluster consisting of a congress hotel, office centers, and coworking spaces. The business center is designed for 13,000 jobs and approximately 8,000 in the city cluster, a community of leading professionals and experts, and close communication between all levels. Each of the cluster’s facilities has locations for breaks, relaxation, sports, and walks.

Спортивний комплекс Власне Місто

Health & Sports

A house located near a protected forest means a 50% guarantee of a healthy lifestyle.

If we add gyms, sports grounds, stadiums, swimming pools, and spas, we get another 30%. The remaining 20% is your daily routine, nutrition, and regular medical care. To ensure 100% of your health, Vlasne Misto provides absolutely everything.

Medical Care

To ensure that you always have access to high-quality care from leading doctors and specialists, a modern medical campus with an area of 45,000 m2 and a capacity of 90,000 people per year is planned to be built, with all the necessary medical infrastructure, including a general medicine building and an emergency room.

7000 m2

Beauty Medicine Center

7000 m2

Rehabilitation Center

7000 m2

Center with weekend rehabilitation packages

22 850 m2

Silver Age complex for 250 dearest people

Розваги у комплексі Власне Місто


Are you still looking for a place torelax with the whole family at the weekend? Do you get nervous every timebecause it takes a lot of time to get to the countryside village complexes?Vlasne Misto will save your nerves and time and offer a wide variety ofrecreation, active and relaxing entertainment, and ways to spend your free timewith the highest quality service that will satisfy any interests and desires.And most importantly, all this is within walking distance from your home.

Концертний зал комплексу Власне Місто

The listed below are within walking distance

  • Beach club
  • Restaurants
  • Bath & Spa Complex
  • Equestrian Sports Complex
  • Lakes for fishing
  • Sports Complex
  • Barbecue areas
  • Wake Park
  • Glamping
  • Fishing Club
  • Bar
  • Cinema
  • бари
  • кав’ярні
  • ресторани
  • піцерії
  • вейк-парк
  • озера для рибної ловлі
  • кінно-спортивний комплекс
  • фудкорти
  • прогулянкові алеї
  • зони барбекю
  • пляжний клуб
  • диско клуби
  • мотузкові парки
карта України дизайнерська


There is a Concert Hall, an Art Center, and a workshop area for artists. Culture enthusiasts and artists will be able to attend interesting and exciting events in the entertainment center, relax in the event hotel, or work with inspiration and create masterpieces in the educational and recreational facilities.

Each of the young and old residents will be able to touch the art and become a part thereof. Please note that you will live exactly where you can successfully realize your talents!

Житлові будинки, котеджі Власного Міста


The unique features of the Vlasne Misto Project are conciseness, high quality, and innovations,combined with a conscious attitude towards the environment.

Therefore, there is no need to prove anything, everything is built on basic values, focused on the index of local happiness and individual development of a person together with society.

1/375 m2

The first Urban Cluster with low population density


Recreational areas in one city

Autonomy, developed communication networks

Smart Forest System

Eco-friendly construction and consumption technologies

Special mobile application

101 000 m2

Own greenhouse farm


Public squares and urban-space

Vlasne Business turnkey service

HoReCa facilities and retail chains development

Multi-level, underground, guest parking lots

Developed E-filling stations network

Minimum number of cars on the road

City life tracking system

Vlasne Local Service

Delivery network with the «Vlasne Local BOX» option

It is the place that makes you feel happy and enable you to enjoy your wonderful life.

Природа комплексу Власне Місто
Проект Власного Міста

Vlasne Misto is a city of sustainable development that is being built right now! Join us!

Who creates  

Construction company:

KGL Group




LLC «Basic Moment»


YOD Group
Kudin architects


Furniture technologies
SIMPLi & Katya Virovtseva
AGT plus

Facade materials:

Furniture technology
Thermory (Estonia)
Klinker Stone

Educational process:

Volodymyr Kozlenko
and the team of КМDШ



Service and custom

RE/MAX and OK Local

Restaurants and recreation areas:

YOD Group
MAD bar’s house
Win bar